Month Summaries

November 2006


November was another warm month, mainly due to persistent south-westerly airflows. Only two days during the month failed to reach 10C (7th and 21st) and only two air frosts were recorded (3rd and 9th). Temperatures above 15C were recorded as late as 24th November (15.4C); the maximum temperature during the month was 16.7C on the 13th. The end of the month was damp, but not wet - most rain was light or drizzly. Rain was recorded on 18 out of the last 20 days of the month. However, much of the rain fell overnight leading to long sunny periods during the days. Owing to the light rainfall, only 31.8mm was recorded during the month (40% of average). Total rainfall for 2006 to the end of November stands just shy of 500mm.