Canterbury Weather Photos

A selection of photographs from my photo collection which detail weather events in Canterbury.

2005-02-28 - Canterbury (More Snow) Canterbury (More Snow)
28 February 2005 - 65 photos
Possibly the heaviest snowfall in Canterbury for over a decade fell overnight, leaving around 11-16cm of powdery snow on the city. In total that week, nearly 30cm of snow fell, which is exceptional for late February and early March.
2005-02-23 - Canterbury (Snow) Canterbury (Snow)
23 February 2005 - 6 photos
One of the heaviest falls of snow for quite some time in this part of Kent - about 5cm fell overnight.
2004-02-27 - Canterbury (Snow) Canterbury (Snow)
27 February 2004 - 1 photos
A rare sight indeed for the South-East of England - snow!
2003-01-06 - Canterbury, Kent (Snow) Canterbury, Kent (Snow)
6 January 2003 - 10 photos
The first snow of 2003 in Canterbury.